Thankful Thursday Notes



Thankfulness is good for the soul. And this is especially true when we live in a world where we’re bombarded by ‘you need THIS and you need THAT’ to be truly happy, forever and ever. Everyone will have different coping mechanisms to fight that ‘mmmm…. the grass is DEF greener on THAT side…’ type of feeling. I find journaling helps me count my blessings a bit more. It helps me stop and be still for a while. As a result, it helps me trust God a bit more too. In actual fact, I have quite a lot to be truly thankful for. Sometimes I write and draw about outstanding, extra-ordinary moments like a very sweet gathering, or a birth, or an incredibly fun event. But most often, it’s the simple blessings which feature most – a cup of coffee, seeing a rainbow or hearing one of my sons sing.

Why Thursdays?

Journaling on a Thursday encourages me to reflect on the week before it’s over. It also prepares my mind to rest well at the weekend and efficiently plan for the following week. Back when I was a teacher, I used to plan the following week on a Thursday because, come Friday, I’d be too excited about my weekend activities! Being a full-time mum is slightly different now but the same theory applies.

Want to join?

Over the past year, I’ve taken part in several challenges on Instagram. I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve learnt by doing this. It’s a little like going back to university. You have experts and you have students. You also have community and fun. But best of all, you get to improve in your field. In this case, the field is both our character (encouraging a spirit of thankfulness) and our creative skills (writing, painting, drawing, whatever you want to improve on). Join in and share your Thankful Thursday Notes on Instagram (use the hashtag #ThankfulThursdayNotes). I’ll also be posting my Thursday post and will feature some of yours the following day. Can’t wait to see your blessings!

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