Crieff Hydro – Our Scandi-Scot experience

Last week, we had a wonderful break at Crieff Hydro, in Perthshire, Scotland. Don’t think you can get much closer to magical. Our sons built their first ever snow men and I wasn’t on social media much which was so good for my soul. We went on little expeditions and found many treasures. We were just 1h30 away from home but it felt like we had landed in Narnia.

My Gallery:


My Highlights:

  • Our Cozy Cabin was extraordinary. It was a bargain at £211 for 4 nights (granted, I kept my eyes on their lowest prices of the year). They’ve decorated the cabin ‘Hygge style’ which I missed the minute we left. With a wood burning stove, cozy blankets, scandi lighting, furniture and artwork on the walls, you couldn’t have been more relaxed.
  • Their welcome basket was unexpected and full of local goodies (including jam, biscuits, herbal tea and ground coffee).
  • The childcare was included in the overall price and the kids loved it. Mike and I enjoyed a few dates. The trick is to balance this with family time too.
  • The pool was a big hit with our toddlers. There were 2 big containers full of water toys (watering cans, boats etc) to play with. The water was at the perfect temperature and their family changing rooms were well thought-through (one of them even had a waterproof play pen)
  • Their mountain biking cafe ‘the Hub’ has great coffee and lots of ‘bicycle decor’ which of course I’m a big fan of… One poster said : “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a bike and that’s pretty close.” I agree.
  • Their Winter Garden cafe has lovely baking (with yummy looking gluten free options) and great views over the valley.
  • Crieff (town) and the surrounding area are worth visiting. You can go by foot or hire a bike from the resort (from £5, helmet included).

Check out self-catering holidays at Crieff Hydro HERE.

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