Hello! My name is Helen. I live in Edinburgh with my husband and two boys. I make ink illustrations for you to colour and I paint bespoke watercolour designs for your home. I also enjoy the art of modern calligraphy and lettering. I have a notebook on me at all times to keep records of what I see. I love exploring our little world and illustrating what makes life a little more tender. Architecture, botanics, coffee cups, bicycles and tea parties are among my favourites. I see beauty in simple things and embrace little imperfections in hand-drawn art.

I’ve been teaching workshops in local coffee shops since October 2016, combining three passions: education, art and coffee! Please find my upcoming local workshops here.

In June and early July 2018, I will be taking Airbnb Experiences art walks around Edinburgh’s hidden gems. You can book your watercolour map experience with me here.

Thanks so much for visiting! Please stop by the Contact page to say hello or leave an inquiry. I’d love to hear from you!